A Tale Of Two Races At Stockton

Jacob-Gomes-300-Pixels1It was a podium finish (3rd place) for Jacob Gomes on April 6th as the SRL Southwest Tour stopped at 99 Speedway. That Saturday night Jacob laid down a qualifying lap of 13.2 seconds, which landed him a P2 spot on the grid; and the invert had him starting in the fifth position. From there Jacob stayed up front all night in typical close quarters racing at the storied 99 racetrack.

“During practice the car was tight off center yet still really fast,” commented Gomes. “My crew kept making adjustments and the car was getting better and better each time I went back out on the track. I’ve also learned the importance of saving my tires and equipment during the race so we can be a factor at the end of the race. That’s what I did, and as the race wound down my car was getting even better. We were close, but the 43 and the 18 were faster that night. All I know is drove the heck out of that car. Like I told my team and sponsors after the race, ‘Take a look at my car, it’s tongue is hanging out!”

That race was also the first time the SRL Tour used double file restarts, and when asked about the new rule Jacob said, “It’s great! I think we should do it at every track we race at. To me a driver can get a better shot to gain a position on the restarts, it’s more competitive, more ‘racy’ and you get a chance for a better finish. And I know it’s a better show for the fans, especially with more side by side racing.”

While driver and team ended that Saturday night smiling, there were no smiles at the next races’ end when Jacob and crew returned to 99 with the NASCAR K&N series on May 4th for another Saturday night at the races. “It was an awful night”, said a frustrated Gomes.

“The car was tight but it was handling alright. It just wasn’t the best car we’ve had at this track. And with the level of competition I race in, we always work to bring our best.”  Jacob qualified in the thirteenth position and was gaining spots on the track when his night came to an abrupt halt. On lap 36 of the ‘G-Oil 150’, Jacob’s engine blew. “There was no indication the engine was about to go – I just suddenly had no power.”

And there was no getting back on the track that night. “I was excited to be racing with 51/50 Energy Drink and Sunnyvalley Smoked Meats as sponsors for our #86 K&N entry. I just hate it that I couldn’t give them a better finish. I’m ready to go racing again and I’m excited about my chances to win this Saturday at the Bullring in Las Vegas.”

Please follow Jacob and his racing career at www.jacobjacobgomesracing.com or on Twitter at #jacobgomes